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General Questions

Can I donate my own trees to the Arium to be planted?
Whilst it's really exciting that members of the public are planting their own trees, we unfortunately cannot accept tree donations to The Arium. This is to reduce the spread of disease - if we aren't sure of where trees come from, we can't ensure they are disease free. However, please do continue to plant trees in your own gardens if you have space, or if you are going to plant them elsewhere - make sure you have the landowner's permission!

Can I donate trees from the Woodland Trust to The Arium?
We regret that we are unable to accept seedlings or saplings for the Woodland Creation Project offered by members of the public.  This is because all of the planting stock is strictly controlled to maintain a high health status of our trees, protect their biosecurity and to protect against the unintentional introduction of disease or invasive species.  All of the trees are either sourced from certified suppliers with every plant being traceable or are grown from seed which has been rigorously screened prior to germination/planting.

Tree Planting Questions

When will tree planting take place?
Ground preparation starts in September, and runs through to November. Then, tree planting starts the following month, from December to February. If you are looking to volunteer with us, that's when you can expect to be getting a spade and creating woodlands!

Why are so many trees being planted?
Not all trees are expected to reach maturity, due to competition and factors such as tolerance to cold. Woodlands will be formatively pruned and managed as they grow, removing dead drees and ensuring the woodland can grow into a healthy new environment.

Why is planting taking place in some areas of parks over others?
We have a rigorous process for identifying appropriate land for planting. This includes checking for services that could be negatively impacted by tree growth e.g. underground pipes. We also try to incorporate publicly used areas into our planting plans, for example leaving space where sledging may frequently take place in the winter.

Why are the trees not often being planted next to roads, where the most pollution occurs? 
Trees can absorb carbon from the atmosphere regardless of where they are planted. In some cases, we are planting smaller woodland areas with trees where the land is available and will be appropriate to do so. In others, planting trees in those areas may affect safety, e.g. near roundabouts or where overhead branches may interfere with services. Our trees will be maintained throughout their growth so they do not impede views or light.

My school is interested in planting trees on their grounds, is this something you can help with?
We love for schools to get involved in our project as much as possible. The Parks and Countryside Rangers run opportunities for schools to be in involved in seed collection and tree planting. To further engage children with the importance of woodland creation, schools can be provided with an education pack, complete with activities to understand the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Woodland Trust are also running a schools program for tree planting (find out more here: - 

Some of the mature trees near my house need some TLC, is this something you can help with?
Our team only looks after the new trees and woodlands that we plant. We have our own management plans for these and are very happy to come and look at any issues with new plantations. However, any questions or concerns regarding existing mature trees should be sent to where the Forestry team will pick them up.

How far will the trees be planted from my property?​​​​​​​                                                                                                  We plant all woodlands a minimum of 15m from properties and 7m from footpaths. 

Seed Collection Campaign Questions

There are no seed collection boxes near where I live, can I post them to The Arium?
Unfortunately we cannot accept donations to The Arium if they aren't donated through our seed collection boxes. However, we encourage you to take a trip to our local parks where there are seed collection boxes to collect seeds and deposit them there.

Can I put both green and brown acorns in the seed collection boxes?
Yes, though where possible, please collect green acorns preferentially.

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